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Wellness Consulting
Jon Burras We often employ consultants to guide us through business or legal transactions. We turn to these professionals for their expertise and advice. Why not have a consultant who acts in our behalf for our wellness and health issues?

As a Wellness Consultant I help to guide a client to the best treatment possible for his or her particular situation. If I do not possess the skills that they might require then I will refer them to a host of knowledgeable professionals who will be able to help them.

Each client has a unique story and requires a unique treatment. If one suffers from debilitating headaches her treatment will be different than someone who is suffering from the back stiffness incurred from a car crash.

As a consultant I have a range of skills and information that I help to deliver to my clients. I follow a unique theme which I have created- The Five Pillars of Healing. These pillars are; bodywork, process work, addiction recovery, breath work, and expansive movement. Each client will receive an individual treatment plan designed just for him or her. As a personal health coach I engage my clients with compassion but also with conviction.

Listed below is a menu of services offered. Many times therapeutic modalities may be blended with others to form a treatment protocol. My goal is to allow the client to access nature’s magic in healing. While I provide much work after illness and trauma have already set in my primary emphasis is teaching a client to practice preventative health maintenance.

I have over 20 years in the wellness business and continue to be passionate about my work and the ability to help clients, many of whom have run out of options in the traditional medical world.

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Injuries and unfinished emotional experiences often play havoc with our body. As we go through life these traumas do not just go away by themselves. It is often helpful to employ a set of helping hands to guide us through these areas of holding. Bodywork is that tool which begins this healing process.

Bodywork is a catch-all phrase that describes a host of treatments and philosophies. Some approaches are soft and subtle, while others require a greater amount of force and effort. Some modalities are practiced with skin to skin contact and others work off the body through energetic means. Whatever style utilized Bodywork is a powerful tool to bring us back to wholeness.
> Swedish Massage > Esalen Massage > Reflexology > Deep Tissue
> TMJ Release > Cranial Sacral > Subtle Rocking > Sports Massage
> LaStone Massage™ > Thai Massage  > Kundalini Massage
> Fascial Energizing > Intuitive Connective Tissue Bodywork

Swedish Massage
Swedish massage is a wonderfully relaxing, full body treatment. This work helps to relieve the stress of daily life and the minor aches and pains within our body. An increase of circulation and a deeper sense of relaxation are common benefits with Swedish massage. Using other modalities, such as Sports Massage, Trigger Point Release, and Acupressure, the entire body is kneaded as well as the mind calmed. This is highly recommended for athletes or anyone who is experiencing a high level of stress in his life.

Esalen Massage
As a certified practitioner from Esalen Institute in Big Sur, Ca., I incorporate the calmness and serenity of this very special type of massage. Esalen is a full body treatment that tends to be softer and more flowing then other types of Swedish massage. The emphasis is on the long, nurturing strokes, as well as a more sensual approach towards healing. This style of bodywork is especially recommended for those who enjoy the sensuality and nurturing of massage.

The hands and feet have many pressure points that correspond to organs and other areas of the body. Feel the aliveness, not just in your hands and feet, but also throughout your entire body, after receiving a session of Reflexology. It is possible to relieve a headache by rubbing a toe or a thumb. Massaging the feet will bring more balance into the rest of your body. If you have sore feet or stand on your feet all day long, then this session is for you.

Deep Tissue
Deep Tissue work entails slow, focused kneading and manipulation of muscles and fascia tissue. This work has long lasting results and is recommended for those suffering from lower back pain or the tension of tight neck and shoulder muscles. The work is very focused and profound. This type of bodywork is especially suited for relieving chronic muscle tension or areas of unusual stiffness.

TMJ Release -(Temporalmandibular Joint)
Many people suffer from jaw and neck pain associated with headaches and tight scalp muscles. Sometimes this leads to clicking in the jaw or painful chewing. Working with the muscles of the face, neck and jaw, balance is brought back to the movement of the jaw. Tightness and tension is relieved on the inside and outside of the mouth. Freedom of motion is restored as the stress is removed from the jaw area.

Cranial Sacral
Cranial Sacral work is a very soft and subtle type of work. This is not a form of massage; rather, this work entails very minute lifting, stretching, and holding of areas, predominantly in the head and neck region. Other areas along the entire spinal column may also be palpated. Often, cranial sacral fluid that is not allowed to flow freely down the spine can lead to other complications. This type of hands-on treatment begins to release the tiny bony framework of the skull and spinal column. Wonderful releases and freedom of movement are the results.

Subtle Rocking
Subtle Rocking comes from the work of Milton Trager. This style of bodywork is a full body treatment that is unlike any other type of massage work. During a session the entire body is nurtured and soothed through a series of integrated rocking and stretching movements. “Wonderfully relaxing” and “deeply soothing” are some of the qualities that many clients report. This session feels like a baby being rocked to sleep. This technique produces dramatically relaxing affects on the body as well as the mind.

Sports Massage
Sports massage is a rather vigorous session of cross-fiber bodywork combined with Swedish massage designed to release adhesions in muscle tissue. This type of massage helps to remove lactic acid and return a muscle to its full range of motion. The emphasis is on treating and preventing injuries. Athletes and other active people report wonderful results with this type of bodywork.

LaStone Massage™
Imagine a long and relaxing hot oil massage that is administered with warm basalt stones. As the hot rocks glide across your body the muscles are warmed and smoothed out at the same time. The warm rocks help to relax you as the heat penetrates to bring fresh circulation to your muscles. This session is a wonderful experience for those wishing to try something different.

Thai Massage
Imagine lying on a mattress or massage table and being stretched and twisted without having to lift a single muscle of your own. Tai massage is a very intimate session designed to give you the personal attention you need to move through joint stiffness or just enjoy a wonderfully relaxing time. Your arms and legs are stretched and pulled. Your spine is lengthened and unwound as you let go and become a passive participant. Thai massage can be administered by itself with one’s clothes remaining on or in conjunction with other types of treatments.

Kundalini Energy Release
Kundalini Energy Release is a unique and profound experience to say the least. Created by myself with my knowledge of muscular /skeletal anatomy, energy anatomy, and the ancient yoga system, this work focuses on moving energy along the spine. The entire massage is experienced while lying face up. This is an aggressive, active massage, using breath work and bodywork to free up the energy pathways along the spine, from the tailbone to the occipital ridge. (Note: this work is not open to everyone and a consultation is required before a session can be scheduled.)

Fascial Energizing
Incorporating the principles Intuitive Connective Tissue Bodywork, I begin to change the energetic patterns in the face. By using slow and focused strokes I smooth out areas of congestion or wrinkling. Dark spots tend to disappear and wrinkles become less noticeable, as the energy of the face begins to flow once again. Many clients report feeling and looking years younger. Acne scars and facial distortions begin to disappear. Using a subtle form of Intuitive Connective Tissue Bodywork, I begin to “iron” out the tension held in the face and head.

Intuitive Connective Tissue Bodywork
A dynamic and profound style of treatment can be found with Intuitive Connective Tissue Bodywork. Birthed from energy anatomy, yoga therapy, and Structural Integration, a session of Intuitive Connective Tissue Bodywork is like no other.

Through each session the fascia of the body is manually warmed and stretched. Years of holding begins to disappear. Fluid range of motion is apparent. This treatment is very slow and focused. The work is not designed to be painful as are other types of connective tissue bodywork.

Dialog Therapy

There are times when we seek support and a committed listener to help us through challenging times. Often we seek out those who can challenge us to grow and help us to see what we might not be able to see ourselves. Dialog therapy sessions are those opportunities where we can feel supported and guided to transform part of our beliefs or our behavior.

Gestalt Dialog
We often just need a compassionate ear to listen to us. Gestalt dialog is a process session where issues are dissected and reflected back. When we step back from an issue it often brings clarity to it. Through this session difficult emotions and confrontations are practiced. When you go out to the real world and have to encounter those same issues they are much easier because you have been practicing them in a safe environment beforehand. Active and passive listening techniques are used. You will learn how to process an issue to gain mastery over it and not have it control your life anymore.

Body/Mind Integration
As a graduate of the Body Mind Institute I incorporate deep, focused, penetrating strokes of Intuitive Connective Tissue Bodywork, with such emotional release techniques as Reichian breath work, Gestalt Therapy, and Bioenergetics. Movement patterns are addressed through yoga therapy and Movement Awareness Sessions, (based on the work of Moshe Feldenkrais). Together, these techniques make for a very powerful session. This work is usually administered in a ten (10) session format and is highly recommended for those interested in releasing long-standing repressed emotions or for those seeking balance in their lives. This work is only for those who are SERIOUS about changing their relationship with their body/mind and committed to personal growth.

Natural Vision Awareness
Using the principles of Dr. Bates, Natural Vision Awareness attempts to return the vision to its natural state without the use of eyeglasses. Exercises, visualizations, and anatomical information are used. Learn how to read without straining and how to not only improve your vision but to eliminate the need for eyeglasses altogether.

Movement Therapy

It is important to keep our body moving. Movement is life and without adequate movement we begin to decay and stiffen. More important than the need to move is the approach that we take towards movement. Not all movement is conducive to a healthy body. Through movement therapy you will be guided to discover new ways to move to insure your healing and health of your body.

Yoga Therapy
Yoga Therapy is a personalized yoga session for individuals or for groups. The session might be designed for the special needs of senior citizens or for those suffering from such physical ailments as lower back pain. The session is specifically designed to target situations or problem areas. This work could be used for areas of depression, recovering from heart problems or just from general lack of activity.

Movement Therapy
Most of our movement originates from fear. Movement therapy takes the fear out of movement as you learn to reorganize your body. We are often locked into patterns that do not serve us. Through this type of session you will be encouraged to find a new way to move. Gentle suggestions and guidance will enhance the sessions. Expansive movement will be employed rather than the contractive movement that most of us are accustomed to. You will learn how to free up tight areas by discovering new ways to move.

Potential Benefits
As a Wellness Consultant I work with a host of different clientele all seeking solutions to various ailments in their lives. Some of the clients who I have helped have had one or more of the following disorders:

• Multiple Sclerosis
• Wrinkles
• Fibromyalgia
• Low Energy
• Chronic Fatigue
• Asthma
• Burns
• Pulmonary Fibrosis
• Surgery Scars
• Breathing Complications
• Acne Scars
• Headaches
• Back Pain
• Bunions
• Neck Pain
• Tight Ankles
• Frozen Shoulders
• Plantar Fascitis
• TMJ (Temporal Mandibular Joint) pain
• Thyroid Problems
• Arthritis
• Physical Trauma
• Knee Pain
• Emotional Repression
• Abdominal problems
• Joint Pain
• Depression
• Grief Issues
• Anger Resolution
• Vision Disorders
• Sinus Congestion
• Athletic Injuries
• Carpal Tunnel
• Osteoporosis
• Breast Cancer
• Sleep Disorders
• Heart Attacks
• Hearing Loss
• Parkinson’s Disease
• Varicose Veins
• Scoliosis Stress

Jon Burras Workshop Menu
In addition to working with private clients I am also available to teach many different health related topics. The following lists many of the topics that I have taught. Each lecture or workshop varies in length from one hour to a seven day retreat experience.

• Yoga for breast health
• Yoga for feet and ankles
• Yoga for wrists and forearms
• Yoga for neck and shoulders
• Yoga for a healthy back
• Yoga for hamstrings
• Yoga for the face
• Yoga for the eyes
• Yoga for prostate health
• Yoga for sexual health
• Yoga for a healthy heart
• Yoga for relaxation
• Yoga for balance
• Yoga for twisting
• Yoga for the jaw
• Yoga for osteoporosis
• Yoga for strength
• The art of breathing
• Chronic pain and stress awareness course
• Beginning flow yoga
• Intermediate- advanced flow yoga
• The art of restful sleep
• Kundalini yoga
• Partner yoga
• Yoga mala
• Fascia and yoga
• Emotional anatomy
• What is wellness?
• Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis
• Carpal Tunnel workshop
• Emotional Yoga
• The Focused Mind
• Recovery from Addictions
• The Emotional Wisdom Weekend Experience

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