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"A massage with Jon Burras is much more than a massage. Jon’s broad base of knowledge, experience, intuition, and genuine care are all at work throughout a treatment with him.

I have seen Jon at various times throughout many years, for massages and specialized workshops.

The first specific body concern I brought to Jon was for a painful bone spur in my shoulder, for which a surgeon had advised me that surgery was the only way to treat this. Jon sent me a provocative article he had written on bone spurs, and I decided to choose this alternative path. As I recall, it took several sessions for the bone spur to dissipate. I have had no recurrence, and no surgery!

With age, I have become a living example of the saying “The body keeps score” as occasional tweaks and pains arise, seemingly from nowhere. Jon thoroughly explains what is going on in my body and proceeds to work on the associated connective tissue, and/or utilize other well considered therapeutic techniques. He also provides helpful suggestions for at home care. Sure enough, in time, each issue is worked through to well-being.

Jon is sensitive to and respectful of my choices and process, earning my full trust in his counsel, hands, and heart. Treatments with Jon are among the best things I do for my self-care"

– Mary –


I have had a great deal of body work over many years – massage, acupressure, rolfing, trager.... While I enjoyed each session, none of that work was as effective or satisfying as that which Jon Burras provides. Jon has developed a technique that has made my body stronger, more flexible, and significantly more comfortable.

I am 71 years-old and have very little discomfort in my body, especially when compared to friends and family past 60. The bilateral plantar fasciitis I was diagnosed with is pretty much resolved. My posture is improving. The formerly frequent neck pain and headaches are infrequent occurrences now. I have ground my teeth since I was a child, especially at night; Jon has worked on my mouth and I expect that eventually I won’t need to wear a special appliance to keep my teeth from chipping. Not only has Jon’s treatment been effective, it also feels really, really good.

I believe that is also because Jon obviously cares about his clients and their well being. That is demonstrated by his attention to his clients’ concerns and the caring I have felt in his touch. By the way – Jon is also very professional and ethical.

I cannot express fully how much I appreciate Jon and his work. I expect to be life-time client. Thank you, Jon!

– Karen –


Jon Burras is a dedicated and knowledgeable healer and teacher. He brings years of invaluable and diverse experience to each person that he works with.

I came to Jon after being referred by friends who described him as “amazing and special”. He saved all three of these people from surgery and they are now pain free.

I found Jon after having two spinal epidurals, anticipating a third and after going to physical therapy for two rounds of treatment. In addition to severe lower back pain, I had hip pain and had been unable to fully turn my neck for many years.

While I am still a work in progress, I have made great strides. My neck is now fully functional, my hip pain has almost disappeared and my back is improving.

What differentiates Jon from everyone else is that he looks for the root of the problem. Often with multiple causes, they are not always obvious, but he patiently figures it out. He tailors treatment for each person and gives you tools that you can do at home as well.

Jon doesn’t push you to come for treatment any more than you want to or are able to do. I feel extremely fortunate to have found this talented and caring individual.

– Beth –

“Return to Nature: The Five Pillars of Healing" (book)

Life's too short to miss this!

I just stayed up until 1:30 am to finish this illuminating book, and have already ordered another one for a friend.

Sometimes you come across a book that changes your life; this is one of those. It is written with warmth and humanity, and contains some groundbreaking, but easy to implement strategies to heal and nurture both body and mind.

I think if you are struggling with a serious crisis and are desperate to make seismic changes, or simply wishing to live a healthier more fulfilling existence, you will find this book holds many gifts. The author opens the door to some new ways of thinking, and then guides you through towards a life of freedom and ease.

I have a shelf of self-help/ health books, and it is a relief to find one that is so well researched, practical, logical and easy to read.

It all makes blindingly perfect sense.

Why has no one written this before?"

– Jane –

 "At age forty-five, after suffering with back pains for at least twenty years, I was diagnosed with severe Scoliosis. Several chiropractors told me that at my age there was no hope of reversing the curve in my spine, and all that I could hope for was to slow down the process to an eventual crippling condition.

I started bodywork and an exercise program and saw some improvement. A few years ago a friend recommended me to Jon, and the results are just short of a miracle. I have no symptoms of the condition. I do still have a curve to my spine but Jon's work has improved the curve and totally eliminated the pain.

I see Jon on a regular basis and have seen dramatic improvement to other parts of my body and general health as well. I would, and do, recommend Jon to anyone who would like to improve their physical condition."

– Paul –

I have been working with Jon for some time now. When I first came to Jon I had just finished chemotherapy and surgery to remove several lymph glands in my right armpit. I had been diagnosed with breast cancer several months before. After the surgery I could not move my right arm above my shoulder. There was a significant amount of scar tissue that prevented this from happening.

After a couple of sessions with Jon I was not only able to move my arm above my head but I had full range of motion in the arm and shoulder again. In fact, my arm was much more open than before the surgery. I am very grateful to have found Jon. He has helped me not only with my arm but with other areas of my body as well. I wish my whole family would go see Jon.

 – Janet –

 Jon Burras has been working on me for at least five years. Prior to Jon working on me I had been to six chiropractors and one masseuse. I was bent over from the waist with my left hip shifted to the left. After three treatments I could walk upright and Jon has worked on me ever since. Jon is a special person in our lives.

– Calvin –


My name is Tracy Morse and I have been seeing Jon Burras since July 2003. When I first started seeing him I was in constant pain and discomfort from my head, neck, shoulders, back, lower back and hips. I had constant headaches, starting from the minute I woke up in the morning. I was taking 6-8 extra strength aspirin a day, every day.

My neck and shoulders and back were tight and locked up from years of stress and numerous accidents. I was in a plane crash in 1991 where I received significant burns throughout much of my body. My right arm was grafted all the way up to my right shoulder. Consequently. Every time I reached up or out for anything the scar tissue in the arm and shoulder pulled very badly on my back and shoulder muscles and I had severe spasming problems. If I reached too far for something my whole upper back would spasm so badly I couldn't move and sometimes I even couldn't breathe.

I have also had numerous feet surgeries on both feet as well as my left knee. My left foot has been fused and because it was in casts and boots etc. for so long the left leg has atrophied to almost half the size of my right leg. The left leg is also much weaker than the right and this has caused a lot of stress on my lower back and especially my left hip and sacrum area. My left hip and sacrum area started hurting very badly about a year ago whenever I would sleep on it. Within minutes my left hip would be burning and aching.

Since seeing Jon my pain and discomfort has been cut by 75%. He has given me more relief than I ever thought possible. His kindness, caring, compassion and dedication to his clients is nothing less than extraordinary. I have been to a few different massage therapists and they didn't come close to Jon's incredible knowledge and experience.

Every morning I wake up headache-free and every night when I am able to sleep good, I thank my lucky stars that I was fortunate enough to be referred to Jon. He has brought me more relief than all of the doctors and therapists that I have seen in the last few years. Thanks to Jon I am able to continue working and supporting myself and have a social life rather than going back on Disability.

– Tracy –

"My work with Jon has enabled me to learn and grow on many levels. I appreciate the way he artfully weaves and integrates physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual concepts in our time together. My work with Jon compliments my other healing and growth activities. Jon makes "suggestions" and I can choose to take advantage of them or not. He mirrors where I am, then gives me the opportunity to take a step that feels right for me on my path of self-discovery. He supports me in seeing if my perception of reality actually matches my reality. When we first started working together, I had very stiff joints and virtually life long back pain. Jon's explanation of pain as a messenger has helped me to listen to my body and give it what it needs. Even though I am past the age of fifty, my flexibility continues to increase. I treasure the gifts of Jon's work. Jon has taught me to breathe in ways that help me practice staying present in my body."

– Michelle –

Hi Jon,

I just wanted to send you a note regarding the affects that your recent emotional yoga class is continuing to have on me. My reason for coming to your class was because I've been in a "funk" for the past few (maybe 10) years. I believe this funk is probably mostly due to my career. I've never been interested in what I do for a living...therefore I lack motivation, which makes me not work as hard as I should...which is leading to a serious lack of self confidence and self worth.

I was raised to be tough, and to not show certain emotions. In my family anger seemed to be ok, but not sadness. This has all been made clear to me in the past week and a half.

Anyway, I have been crying a lot (almost everyday) since attending your class. A couple nights ago I sobbed for what seemed like hours. I would describe it as convulsing sobs. I cried this morning before I left my house for work. I wrote a letter of resignation to my boss, which was actually therapeutic. I managed to reason that, until I have a backup plan, submitting the letter now would be a bad idea.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that, as a result of your class, I've been analyzing every aspect of my life. I don't want to just "go through the motions" anymore. I am desperately seeking some happiness. I realize that I can be a better/happier person than I am right now. I think your class opened my eyes to the fact that I need to figure things out...need to get myself on a new path. I really need to like myself again.

Although it is scary to put myself out there and possibly fail, I am so ready for a change. That feels refreshing.

Thank you.

– B –

Hi Jon,

I'd been doing the McKenzie Method since I saw you last spring and it had been doing a good job of managing my back pain. However, I especially noticed after surfing my pain level would go way up. I put your CD on several weeks ago and relearned the hip clock and dancing hips that you had gone through with me.

I've been putting a blanket down on the floor every night and doing yours and McKenzie's system. The surf has been up a bunch the last few weeks and I've been out there a lot. I have to tell you that I'm totally amazed at how much my pain has been reduced since incorporating your moves into my routine. Usually when I surf several days in a row my back is destroyed and I'm hobbling around. Not the case now. Many days my pain is down around a 2 or less, and sometimes I have almost no pain at all. That's a huge change from my usual experience the past two years. I especially notice the difference when I'm in the water on
my board and I'm paddling and snapping up to my feet with very little pain. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M STOKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I think my wife is sick of hearing me say how I can't believe how much my pain has gone down..........well maybe not, that's a good thing to hear from a loved one.

So anyway just wanted to give you a huge thank you for sharing your back healing method with me. I'm a true believer now. I won't let a day go by without my hip clocks and dancing hips! I'm actually having hope now that I'll be able to continue surfing till I'm an old surf dude.........I was having my doubts the last couple of years.

hope all is well with you,

all the best,

– M –


I have had this ache around my shoulder blades for a long time. After today's Micro Yoga class with the focused work on shoulders, my ache and pain has magically disappeared! Going forward, I plan to practice this movement on a regular basis.

Up to this point in my practice, my heels never touched the floor when I did the downward facing dog. Today after the Micro Yoga-hamstrings practice, I am now able to flatten my heels to the floor.

I would like to attend Micro Yoga class on a regular basis. It helps me to be more flexible and relieves some of the stiffness.

– N –