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Jon Burras

Healing is a journey and my journey began over twenty years ago. My fascination with searching for meaningful answers has taken me in many different directions and has offered me an abundance of opportunities. Through these many experiences I have gathered a wealth of knowledge.

My entry into the world of yoga began in 1993 and continues as a strong influence in my life today. While I also utilize other forms of movement and expression as a mainstay in my health dynamics yoga remains as a foundation practice for me. I first began practicing yoga while suffering from many debilitating injuries. These included back and knee pain. Yoga was also a catalyst in moving through a period of personal crisis and depression.

Yoga offers so much more than just memorizing a pose or learning how to be a gymnast. Yoga has the potential to create a youthful body that dances with joy. Yoga teaches us how to be still and focused. Yoga also draws us into our breath as we learn to connect from deep within.

I began teaching yoga at Yoga Place in Mission Viejo in 1996. I was also involved in teaching workshops and lectures at Yoga Source in Darien, Connecticut on several occasions. I have taught several retreats world wide, include, Maui, Laguna Beach, Costa Rica, and Mexico.

I have been on staff with Bikram Yoga College of India since 1998, assisting during teacher trainings. I teach a number of courses during these trainings, most notably, What is Fascia, and Emotional Anatomy.
I have a passion for learning and teaching that exudes through my pores.

Wellness Education
I am a graduate of Esalen Institute's massage therapy program. I am a certified Massage Practitioner with additional training in the following; Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish massage, cranial sacral therapy, trigger point therapy, reflexology, hot stone massage, Trager, Shiatsu, and Sports Massage.

I am also a certified Yoga Therapist with Integrative Yoga Therapy. Here I combine numerous modalities including yoga postures, breathing exercises, Feldenkrais, and Continuum training into the world of movement therapy.

I am also a bodyworker and Bodymind therapist, having studied with the Bodymind Institute of Los Angeles. Blending the training of Structural Integration, Reichian work, movement therapy, and emotional release, I help to facilitate a client's journey back to wholeness.

I am the creator of a unique blend of bodywork called Intuitive Connective Tissue Bodywork. It is through this type of hands-on treatment that many chronic conditions can be healed. This includes chronic back pain, frozen shoulders, and stiff necks. There is also an energetic component to the work that allows blockages of frozen energy to dissipate from the tissues of the body. Through Intuitive Connective Tissue Bodywork the stories that are held in the body are encouraged to be free.

Wellness Consultant
At present I am a Wellness Consultant, combining all of the preceding elements together. Acting like a personal health coach I work with individuals on their health issues. I might be involved in a one on one session with a client. This may include bodywork, movement therapy, or breath work. I also work with groups in lectures, workshops, and retreats while addressing specific topics.

As a Wellness Consultant I find myself engaged in providing not just guidance and skills to my clients, but hope as well. Without hope we are lost. Providing this hope enables those suffering with health issues to continue to move down the road towards healing.

I blend a unique mixture of Western medical knowledge with a deep love and understanding of the world of natural healing. I strive to inform my clients as to their best choices and options that would suit their treatment. I believe that prevention is always better than treatment and attempt to convey that message to those who I come in contact with.

While I often refer to traditional practices for grounding I feel free to break rank and follow what feels natural. Often we remain frozen in place by beliefs and practices "just because they are old and traditional". I find the courage and insight to challenge and update my beliefs, even though it may mean letting go of traditional thinking and common practices.

I believe that nature is our strongest guide and if we allow ourselves to honor all that nature teaches us we come back to our wholeness.